Monday, November 21, 2011

Garage Sales

This weekend my neighbor was having a yard sale and she was selling everything she treasured because she was being evicted. She lost her job and I wanted to be a blessing to her. So I went over even though I knew I had nothing in my pockets I just wanted to speak to her and encourage her because she was expecting God to provide her rent money so she could stay in her home. I saw several things right away that I could use in my home and asked her what she wanted for them, surprising to me they were going for a real steal. I asked my husband and he scrounged up the money. Now we have a new crock pot, (only used 2 times-ours quit working about a year ago) a new circuit for making crafts, (worth $200-we tried to get one last year for the church Sunday school but couldn't afford one) and a new stand mixer. (I've always used a hand mixer) I tried it out this morning and we had some lovely bread with the dough hooks:) I went over looking to be a blessing because I thought I had already seen her stuff and then I decided to add some of our thrift stuff to her sale to help her bring in some more money. She was thrilled and I was so blessed to help her my heart was overjoyed. I would encourage you as women of God to go out Garage selling and see if there is someone out there that could use your thrift items to increase their sales. Find out why they are having their sale. ITs sooo much more fun than taking them to the thrift store to unseen faces. Then you can share the love of God maybe you could even share an invite to your church or a church tact.

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