Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clams of Speech

General Clam was at the coral reef looking for a special pearl that gave the power of speech. he was the only clam who spoke. The other clams liked him because he could talk. The clams were looking for the giant oyster that made the giant pearl that could give the clams the power of speech but they were misinformed by the deceiving crab who told them it was a clam that made a pearl.
Off they went to find the giant "so called" clam. Fist they went to the sea anemone forest it was covered with purple treelike creatures that looked like they had waving leaves at the top but instead they were tentacles. Sea anemones sting so they had to figure out a way to escape their stinging tentacles. Then came their friend the crab who was also deceiving.  He deceived them by pretending to be their friend. He helped to get the sea anemone distracted so that he could get to the OYSTER and they could be sidetracked looking for the giant clam.

to be continued........

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