Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Young Men Big Responsibilities

I need you to know that your moms work hard to take care of you and when you are young you should take responsibility off of your Mother when you can to help lighten her load when Dad isn't around.

In Discipline (if you have a large family)

Step One: Have a few disciplinary actions ready that you and your parents have already discussed.
Step Two: Have no wrath (anger) against the sibling (brother or sister) you are working with.

Step Three: Talk to the child before you discipline about the 3 RULES:

                     1. If you have a problem with someone go to the person himself and tell him what your problem is and what Jesus would do in a kind voice.
                     2. If that doesn't work, take one person with you as a witness and repeat step one if you need to ask your witness to gently explain what needs to happen.
                      3. If you and your witness are not able to remedy the situation then you and your witness need to find your Mom or Dad.

If Mom and Dad are quite busy at the time and you realize that as an older sibling you should step in and tell the children that since Mom and Dad are busy you will help them with their problem and get it straightened out. That's when you take them somewhere quiet and talk them through what happened and bring them to a solution or if you have permission give the discipline you have decided on. If the child then refuses to participate in the discipline then you can come report to Mom or Dad and they will take it from there.

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