Friday, October 7, 2011

Spreading the News

Hi, my name is Zeke and I am 9 years old. I am the second of 7 children we are Fundamental Baptist Christians who want to serve the Lord with our lives.
I hope that you get a lot out of my blog. If you want to leave me a blessing, please comment.

If you are a Christian you would want to tell others about what happened to you! So the reason why I am doing this blog is because Daddy doesn't take me soul winning that much yet, so I use this blog to go soul winning.

Tell other people about what happened to you. First, if you have a church that you go to; on a desk in entrance there will be tracks on that desk, so if you go out and give these tracks to people....Oh goodness me I forgot to tell you what tracks are. Tracts are folded pieces of paper and if you unfold it; there will be passages and scriptures in the bible that tell you how to get saved. If you give out those tracts to other people they might get saved. Lord Willing! Also, you could show them some passages in the Bible. The verses that you would read to them are in the tract.

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