Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Neros

The Neros live in the jungle of Keros. The Neros eat the fruit of the Zeros. One day the Neros had Zero Keros. That was no good for a Nero.
 A man named Zandy who was Handy with Keros. He invited the Neros to see him use his Kero planting contraption. It worked just great.
The neros ate till they were full and they each gave him one dollar bill.

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Glenys said...

Hello Zach!
Congratulations on a very nice looking blog! I am glad you are encouraging your friends to read as it is so important! I like Dr Seuss too! In fact, I love poetry & I see that you do too! When my 4 sons were little, we used to like this silly poem about a cabbage:
The cabbage is a funny veg,
All crisp and green and brainy.
I sometimes wear one on my head
When it's cold and rainy.
Keep writing!
Miss Glenys

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