Friday, October 28, 2011

How to use Your Bible

There are some people who do not know how to use there Bible. Today I will show you how to use the Bible.
   1. If you have a bible turn over to the first book of the bible, Genesis. The BIG NUMBER 1 is the Chapter
         and the small number is the verse.

   2. If you are reading a bible devotional like mine or someone else's then often the writer will refer to a     chapter and verse by using a system that looks a lot like the time on a clock. This is called a reference. It will have a book of the bible like John or it can be abbreviated (shortened) like Jn and then it will have the chapter number and the verse number separated by a colon(:) John 3:16 or Jn 3:16.

 3.Now that you are learning how to look things up you will need to learn your books of the Bible and where to find them in your Bible. If you look in the front of your Bible there is an index page that lists all of the books and across from them there will be the page number that it is found on. You can learn a song that will help you to remember them and then they will stick in your mind and you can thumb through your bible until you find the book that you are looking for.

Old Testament

New Testament


Here are some references for you to look up on PATIENCE

I Thes. 5:14
Heb. 6:12
Rom. 12:12
Titus 2:2
Heb. 10:36
Heb. 12:23

Don't worry you will get the hang of it soon. Practice and read your Bible often. May the Lord bless you. 
Please leave a comment if this has helped you. I need the encouragement. The Lord wants us to encourage one another.  


Glenys said...

Good lesson on Bible usage Zeke :)

Anonymous said...

Funny how God works...

I've struggled today with patience with my 2 year old little boy. God sends me a wonderful unknown child with references for patience.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Wow, as a new Christian struggling to explain the Bible to my three children, I am impressed :)
I will be having my 9 year old read this in the morning. Thank you.

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