Monday, October 10, 2011

Gormet with Hotdogs?

This weekend my second oldest Zeke, wanted to be a gourmet chef. We didn't want to pay the sometimes high gourmet cooking ingredients so we substituted hot dogs for scallops. They worked just fine and Zeke presented a great meal to his family!
Fry the tube steaks in a little cooking oil or even deep fry them until brown and plump (we used 3 packages)

Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken tube steaks:) (fancy name for chicken hotdogs) in garlic-ginger sauce

Cook the Angel Hair 16 to 32 oz. depending on the size of your family

finely chop or mince two garlic cloves, two small onions and about an inch to an inch and a half of ginger root (first peel with potato peeler)
sauté the spices in two table spoons of butter or margarine
add two cups of chicken broth or chicken seasoning boiled and cook on medium hi for about 3 minutes
to that add one 16 oz carton of heavy cream. Boil all together for a few minutes and strain sauce to pour over your spaghetti and hot dogs.

Additions and Variations to the sauce:

Salt and Pepper
curry seasoning
fish sauce from the Asian section of your super market.

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