Monday, October 31, 2011

Cholesterol is it Bad or is it Good?

There are many people that say that cholesterol is good and bad but that is just not true. The truth about cholesterol is that if it oxidizes then it is more dense and unable to perform its proper function and clogs the veins.
Cholesterol has a function in the body God put it in you for a reason.

Benefits of Cholesterol:

  • Cholesterol aids in the absorption of fat soluable vitamines A,D,E,K and D. 
  • Absorption of hormones in the adrenals as well as estrogen and testosterone and more
  • produces brain tissue without enough cholesterol you can suffer from depression and anxiety
To keep you from having oxidative damage from (like when a banana turns brown or an apple) cholesterol then you need to supplement with antioxidants in your diet and or in good quality supplements.

Foods for:

Olive oil
Coconut oil
Dark berries

Suggested Antioxidants Supplements:

Thai Go-an exotic juice blend with very high antioxidant levels (orac value)
Co-Q10- statin drugs used for cholesterol,  can deplete this nutrient
Super Orac- packed with antioxidents the capsule equivalent to drinking Thai-go
Super Omega-3-supports the cells (capsules are large so if you can't take large capsules you can also break it open and take it this way it has a lemon flavor)
Solstic Cardio- a nutrient packed daily drink that you pour into water.
There are others listed under Heart Health and Antioxidants at Natures Sunshine.

Comment and let me know if you need help coming up with a good nutritional plan with supplements. Or if you are using a certain supplement and that one is working good for you. There are others that will also have a good effect and don't for get to mention if you would like me to put you on my prayer list.

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