Monday, October 31, 2011

The verse of the day

Psalm 7: 13 He hath also prepared for him the instruments of death; he ordaineth his arrows against his persecutors.
                         This is the verse of the day from my Christian life kjv
                               holy BIBLE
                            You may also like a King James Moment.           

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The Pallet House Project

The Zkids want to build a house out of pallets. I don't know what it will look like or when they will be able to accomplish their task but they would really love it if they had lots and lots of pallets to work with. There are not many chances for me to get pallets with everything that I do but maybe some of my Burnet area readers can drop us by some free pallets that they find here and there and it would make the kids day. They have big ideas and this could really help them to develop some great skills a long the way. I will be taking some pictures of their work a long the way. You can just leave them beside our fence and we will find them or you can knock on the door and say hello. Thanks for reading and if you can't bring us some free pallets then that's fine we will pick up some when we can. God always provides!

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Cholesterol is it Bad or is it Good?

There are many people that say that cholesterol is good and bad but that is just not true. The truth about cholesterol is that if it oxidizes then it is more dense and unable to perform its proper function and clogs the veins.
Cholesterol has a function in the body God put it in you for a reason.

Benefits of Cholesterol:

  • Cholesterol aids in the absorption of fat soluable vitamines A,D,E,K and D. 
  • Absorption of hormones in the adrenals as well as estrogen and testosterone and more
  • produces brain tissue without enough cholesterol you can suffer from depression and anxiety
To keep you from having oxidative damage from (like when a banana turns brown or an apple) cholesterol then you need to supplement with antioxidants in your diet and or in good quality supplements.

Foods for:

Olive oil
Coconut oil
Dark berries

Suggested Antioxidants Supplements:

Thai Go-an exotic juice blend with very high antioxidant levels (orac value)
Co-Q10- statin drugs used for cholesterol,  can deplete this nutrient
Super Orac- packed with antioxidents the capsule equivalent to drinking Thai-go
Super Omega-3-supports the cells (capsules are large so if you can't take large capsules you can also break it open and take it this way it has a lemon flavor)
Solstic Cardio- a nutrient packed daily drink that you pour into water.
There are others listed under Heart Health and Antioxidants at Natures Sunshine.

Comment and let me know if you need help coming up with a good nutritional plan with supplements. Or if you are using a certain supplement and that one is working good for you. There are others that will also have a good effect and don't for get to mention if you would like me to put you on my prayer list.

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How to make pizza box paper plates!

At our house we try to have pizza every Friday. There ARE days that I make homemade pizza but on Friday I like to treat us for our chores through the week by buying store bought pizza in a box. But instead of making us do more dishes after we eat we make pizza box paper plates. You can do this with take out pizza as well.

What you will need:

pizza box
sturdy scissors

Just cut up your pizza box into halves or even 1/4ths if you have small slices and be sure to use both sides of the pizza box so you will have enough to go around. We tend to use the shinny side because it is fun with the pizza pictures on it the kids think it is a treat. When we have enough boxes to go around we only use the picture side. Sometimes I've been known to save the lettered side to eat our breakfast on when it is not too messy. You could cut them into cute shapes if you wanted too.  Let me know if you have ever made these free paper plates. Blessings!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

How to use Your Bible

There are some people who do not know how to use there Bible. Today I will show you how to use the Bible.
   1. If you have a bible turn over to the first book of the bible, Genesis. The BIG NUMBER 1 is the Chapter
         and the small number is the verse.

   2. If you are reading a bible devotional like mine or someone else's then often the writer will refer to a     chapter and verse by using a system that looks a lot like the time on a clock. This is called a reference. It will have a book of the bible like John or it can be abbreviated (shortened) like Jn and then it will have the chapter number and the verse number separated by a colon(:) John 3:16 or Jn 3:16.

 3.Now that you are learning how to look things up you will need to learn your books of the Bible and where to find them in your Bible. If you look in the front of your Bible there is an index page that lists all of the books and across from them there will be the page number that it is found on. You can learn a song that will help you to remember them and then they will stick in your mind and you can thumb through your bible until you find the book that you are looking for.

Old Testament

New Testament


Here are some references for you to look up on PATIENCE

I Thes. 5:14
Heb. 6:12
Rom. 12:12
Titus 2:2
Heb. 10:36
Heb. 12:23

Don't worry you will get the hang of it soon. Practice and read your Bible often. May the Lord bless you. 
Please leave a comment if this has helped you. I need the encouragement. The Lord wants us to encourage one another.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Song Share Thursday

How Deep the Father's Love For Us


The other day we were out of peanut butter so I decided to come up with a new spread. It worked really well and we have had it on crackers and bread and even all by itself. I hope this helps out. If you decide to use it in another creative way please comment I would like to know how it works for you. 

2 cups of cooked brown beans (other bean would work too)
3tsp. vanilla (imitation is what we use its cheaper)
A good sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice (about three good shakes)
1/2 cup of honey

Blend all of the ingredients in your blender on a low speed for about a minute or two. Spread onto your favorite homemade bread if you have it and yummmm.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good and Evil

I have this book and I think that it is a good book to read. It is a comic Bible with great pictures and stories to make the Bible come alive to people and present a clear gospel message. I hope this book will be a blessing to your life. If you are having trouble getting someone to listen to you about Christ then this may be the way in. This was originally made to bring the gospel to foreign nations.

These are the coloring books:

Zena's Birthday!

5 years ago today Zena (pronouced with an ny sound) was born.  Her birth was outstanding or maybe sitting in this case. I entered the hospital with contractions and the nurse checked me and told me that I had to wait an hour until I could come back and only if the contractions were close together. So I decided to go walk but as soon as I got up I began to feel a very strong contraction and I knew that it would only be 30 minutes until that baby was born. We told the people in the office and they told me I had to have these close contractions for 1 hour before I could come back. So we decided to go down to my doctor's office since they wouldn't take me back at the desk. WE got back to the doctor's office and I was dying in pain about then, screaming my head off and bending with each contraction, but it was to no avail. At the doctor's office my doctor wasn't in so the other doctor came out and tried to sooth my Mom and Husband by telling them basically that it was going to be alright and in an hour they could take me back up. Mean while I was screaming in pain and that baby was coming! I was in the hall (I should have made my husband take me in the waiting room) I couldn't make it into the waiting room because I was in so much pain. The little old ladies down the hall in the office area heard me and came out to the rescue they waited as long as they could and finally listened to us and go a wheel chair and took me to the elevator which was a long ways away down a LONG hall. I souldn't even sit down so they brought me a pillow ans off we went. We made it into the elevator and then a wonderful scarry thing happened......I told my husband Lonnie this baby is coming NOW! I lifted myself up off the chair a but and VOILA Zena was born! Right into her Daddy's arms. Then the elevator doors opened to the baby floor and my huband said, REAL LOUD and CLEAR, BABY's HERE!!! I was so upset and tired and embarred that I was a mess and everyone was looking from everywhere! But I was also very happy at the same time that my little girl Zena was born and seemed to be healthy although Doctor Lonnie had to take the umbilical cord off her neck when she was born. What a day and I waen't through with all of the drama yet. Right after that they took me to a room FINALLY and then I started hemoraging. I lost a lot of blood and the doctor on duty that wouldn't let me go up was soooo sweet to come by and keep me from dying. WEll that being told I'm glad its over and I can enjoy a beautiful 5 year old girl named ZENA pronouced like the flower zinnia.
I Love You Zena!

Zena is a very sweet girl. She loves spending time with her Mom drawing pictures and giving them to me.  She also likes to make things pretty with blankets. Her art is very colorful and her face lights up a room when she smiles. Zena enjoys brushing her hair and making up her own styles. She enjoys a good baby doll and loves to play with her brothers and sisters. Her favorite color is pink and she thinks her Daddy is silly and crazy. I will always treasure my special gift from that really bad day! She was worth it all!


My mother has suffered from migraines for a long time. Now one of my best friends is also suffering from migraines. I have been looking into her case for her and I thought I would take you along with me for the ride. I know there are many of my friend who also have this problem and I would like to help as many as I can.
First of all you have to be aware of what exactly is going on with your body. You can't just say I have migraines and fix me. Knowing your body in the first step to combating illness of any kind. You need to know when you are having these migraines and what may be triggering them. From here you can make a plan of attack.

Migraine Triggers:

  • lack of sleep or too much sleep
  • stress induced, anxiety or even relaxing after stress
  • bright lights
  • weather induced
  • too much caffeine or a withdrawal symptom of coming off of caffeine
  • foods that contain nitrates or foods with MSG
  • food allergies (chocolate is one that causes problems for many but there are others check with your health care provider and watch your diet)
  • aspartame a ingredient in many diet sodas and chewing gums and even sugar free candies)
  • too much white sugar or your blood sugar being out of sink 
  • hormonal periods
  • perfume smells etc.
    If you are experiencing a lack of sleep and you can't do much about it because you are a busy mother and wife then you need to take extra nutrients to support your body.

    Adrenal support - will help nourish your adrenal glands during this season in your life.

    Adrenal Support is also great for supporting your body during stressful periods.

    Perfect Eyes- sometimes age can effect how much the eyes can handle

    Fever Few- my Mom had good success with this herb with her weather induced headaches. Its also good for any kind of Migraine.

    Xylitol- natural sweetener or any other Natural sweetener like Stevia which is an herb

    Calcium-Magnesium- great for migraines

    Peppermint Tea- I've used 3 tea bags with great success with stress headaches

    Essential Oils- Peppermint, lavender, and marjoram rub on your wrists and inhale in stressful moments.

    Raspberry Capsules or tea from  the Bulk Herb Store or other quality stores.

    Breath Free-a oil combo from natures sunshine can be rubbed on the neck and back of the shoulders for smell induced and any kind of headache.

    Let me know if you need more help. I do not sell the natures sunshine products anymore but they are still a high quality product. A lot of information can be found via the internet and pinterest. If you want my certified herbalist opinion then drop me a line and let me know. My email consultation fee is $10 if I can not help you there is no fee.

    Jenifer Harrod

        Certified Herbalist


    Monday, October 24, 2011

    the christian walk 2

    God has a plan for you in your Christian life.  Jesus has an open door for you. Be watchful though, Satan the deceiver will lead you to the path of death.  There is a verse in the Bible that says ," Submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you." James 4:7  If the Devil tries to tempt you remember this verse.  God's way is the best way!  Have a safe walk.

    Celiac Disease

    Celiac Disease is a large part of many people's lives. I'm sure all of you know somebody who has reportedly been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This is a disease that effects the absorption of important parts of food needed for  good health.  People with this condition can not eat wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats. They have to live with a gluten free diet; which means that they can not have the gluten (the sticky part of grain) from grains in their diet. They also need to check labels when they go to buy any packaged item because many packaged food has some for of gluten in it. They also need to look out for another gluten like substance called gliadin because this can also be a source of contention. Eating raw vegetables is hard for the person with Celiac so be sure you lightly cook all of your vegetables before eating them.
     Here is a list of Gluten free food products.

    Celiac Disease is associated with many other health conditions. If you are already fighting a known health condition please consult the list and find out if a Gluten free diet would be a good life choice for you, especially if you are having a hard time with your digestion. Always consult your health care provider before starting a new diet program if you are being treated for a Major Health condition.  List

    Here is my suggested Natures Sunshine Supplement Program:

    Food Enzymes- for absorption of nutrients
    Spirulina- for protein and cleansing of the colon naturally
    Mega Chel-is packed with b-vitamins and they are good for digestion as well
    The Ultimate Green Zone-good for people with autoimmune disorders

    If you do not have Celiac Disease and want to avoid getting it please read here to find out how to avoid getting it in the future because anyone is susceptible really.

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    15 Minute Mexican Cheesy Rice

    15 Minute Cheesy Mexican Rice

    32 oz rice or (2lbs)
    2c. of salsa
    8oz of store brand easy melt cheese or more if you like :)
    8 c. of water
    4tsp. of Chicken Flavoring I use the Orrington farms because you can get a large container and it doesn't have MSG added.

    Directions make your rice by cooking the rice, water, chicken seasoning and salsa on high until it boils. Put the lid on to trap the heat and then turn it to 3 or so on the dial. When your rice has absorbed the access water, which generally takes about 15 minutes, then add the cheese and stir.

    Saturday, October 22, 2011

    Caught in Action

                                                                  Learning Responsibility!

                                                           Here is Zeke working hard on the dishes.

                                                                      Zach caught in Action


                                                                       Hard at it:)

                                                Zena still in her P.J's cleaning up after breakfast!

                                                        Zeb picking up the living room!


                                                                       Nora picking up.
                                                                 Riding off into the sunset:)
                                                                       caught in the act!

                                                I'll come do it at your house for a price:)
                                                     Zach found a spoon in the washer, treasure!

    The Neros

    The Neros live in the jungle of Keros. The Neros eat the fruit of the Zeros. One day the Neros had Zero Keros. That was no good for a Nero.
     A man named Zandy who was Handy with Keros. He invited the Neros to see him use his Kero planting contraption. It worked just great.
    The neros ate till they were full and they each gave him one dollar bill.

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Applesauce Pizza

    You maybe thinking that doesn't sound good, but I was not referring to a regular lunch pizza. Breakfast is usually my most creative time; one because its usually when I have planned to bake to save money and two because its fun to have something a little different sometimes. This time was a success. I was kind of doubtful but hopeful at the same time that it would turn out like I was imagining.
    Right off Zebedee was excited when he woke up so I was almost certain that this breakfast was going to be a winner. (he is hard to please)  As I was putting together the ingredients his voice was filled with wonder at what this concoction was going to be. He knew it was going to have applesauce somewhere down the road and that made him happy. Then when I started putting the dough onto the cookie sheet ad pizza pan I could just see he was going to have a great time eating the results.

    Applesauce Pizza for 8

    51/2 cups of flour (we used wheat and a little white to keep it from being too sticky)
    about a 1/2 cup of natural sweetener (we used palm sugar with water mixed)
    51/2 tsp. of baking powder
    2 tsp. of salt
    2 1/2 tsp of vanilla (or if you are like me two caps full of imitation vanilla)
    2 to 3 c. of water depending on how wet or dry your dough is.

    1 15oz can of applesauce (unsweetened)

    Set your oven for 400 degrees. Stir all of the dry ingredients with your hands or a wooden spoon. Add the wet ingredients and stir until everything is well blended into the dough. Add a little extra powdering of flour if it is too sticky. Spray your pans with cooking spray, butter or oil whatever is on hand and press the dough into the pans until there is a little lip on the outside of the dough. It doesn't have to fill in the whole pan especially large, just so you have it pressed fairly even and there is a little wall like lip on the outside of your dough like a hand tossed or pan pizza. Bake your pizza for about 6-10 minutes. Take the pizza out and pour half or your apple sauce can on one pizza and the other half on the other one and spread all over. Cut into pizza shapes and enjoy.

    Product Review Friday

    The other day I went to the homeschool book review group at the library. I had fun building with clocks, and I also made a bunny rabbit out of felt. I liked the felt because it was soft. There was a little girl there who had a book on crafting animal with felt. Her mom was teaching us how to do it but she was the one who had made all kinds of felt animals and had personalized them by making little things to go with them. While we were there she made a violin to go with her little rabbit amd she also made a bow with it. I thought it was cute. Here is the book that she was reading and getting ideas from.

    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    The Zkids Learning Responsibility!

    This month the SUPER  ZKIDS have been at it again,  learning the value of a job well done, getting things done on time, and doing them with a smile.  All of these things constitute RESPONSIBILITY. They are learning to be responsible for their own actions. Our new Chore schedule is really doing the job and so are the ZKIDS. I am so proud of my super ZKIDS!  I'm also very happy that their Dad is on board with this new change as well. I have been sick this week so this has been a real blessing for MOM.

    One on My Favorite Songs

    Blessed Redeemer

    Poetry for Kids Funny Poems for Children by Poet Kenn Nesbitt

    I found a great kids poetry site . Try it out and see which poem you like. Come back here and comment to tell me which on you liked.
    Just Click on the link below! Have fun!

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Christian Movie Review-Tuesday

    Today I picked the movie Johnny to tell you about. The other day for Family Movie Night we watched a really good movie.  Its about a kid that has cancer and finally figures out his special mission on earth!

    This is a heart stirring tale you might need a tissue but that's o.k. sometimes crying is alright if you have a good reason. It has good Christian, family values that you don't always see in a "Christian" film.

    Watch out for purple cows in this movie!

    4 Frugal Substitutions for Milk in Baking!

    Have you been perplexed with how to save in your cooking when you have to use milk in every other recipe and your children want to drink up all of your milk and then you don't have any to use? Well, I have been there and milk isn't cheap. I know that many people just can't live without their milk but I am not one of them because I can't drink very much milk without having stomach issues. I have a milk protein intolerance. In fact it has been argues that children do not need milk from a cow at all because it is hard on digestion and causes all kinds of health issues.

    Here are the four different substitutions that I use in place of milk:

    1. water at what ever temperature your recipe calls for. (I leave it cold for baking powder biscuits and warm for yeast rolls)
    2. water and vinegar or water and lemon (for buttermilk) or even water and orange juice
    3. water and yogurt 
    4. oat milk 

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