Friday, September 30, 2011

Zach's Ant Farm

Today I made an ant farm.

Here is what I used:

* a glass jar with metal lid
*dirt(from back yard)
*a little water
*a little sugar
*a little crushed crackers
*stick pin

1. First fill you glass jar with dirt.
2. Second, replace the lid and poke very small holes in the lid with stick pin.
3. Third, open the lid and put a little water, sugar and crushed crackers in.
4. Fourth, find ants in your back yard and carefully put them into your jar.

Now I am watching them eat their food. So far they have only eaten the sugar. It will be fun to watch them burrow into the dirt to make their tunnels. I tried this before but I had some cheap plastic covering the top of the jar and they got out and my Mom freaked out, and we all got ant bitten. If you try this at home leave me a comment on how it goes. Audios! Amigos!

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