Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ice Cream in a Tupperware!

The kids needed to learn that just because we were having a tough time with money didn't mean that we were destitute of a good ol fashioned good time. So I remembered an old book I read had spoken of iced desert.
Iced Dessert:
Oatmilk for the base
2 Sweetened chocolate squares melted in a little water(use whatever you have)
about two large scoops of peanutbutter melted in a little water
mix it all together with a blender or mixer I used a hand held beverage blender.
Then place your tuooerware into the freezer. If you start this one meal ahead of time then it is a great dessert or a snack. Ours was a little slushy but the kids didn't mind at all. I just crushed it all up with an awl you could use an ice pick or knife as well. Have a Blessed Day!

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