Friday, December 10, 2010

Zach's craft of the Day!

Today's craft is Christmas finger puppets.

Supply list:
One or two inch long piece of card stock
clear tape
star stickers
any kind of green paper
school glue or glue sticks
brown paper

1. Wrap the white card stock around your finger and apply clear tape to connect ends of paper.
2. Cut green paper into the shape of a Christmas Tree.
3. Add glue to the Christmas Tree attach it to the finger puppet base.
4. Cut out a small rectangle to be the trunk of the tree. Adhere the trunk to the tree.
5. Decorate your tree however you wish and add star to the top of the tree on each side (so there is not a sticky side of the star)

We hope you liked our finger puppet craft. Please join us next time and tell a friend.

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