Monday, November 15, 2010

Yogurt in Desquise!

You have probably heard of many of the health benefits of yogurt. It is an alternative to antibiotic drugs. It helps repopulate the gut with healthy flora and the healthy flora eliminate some of the unhealthy flora that come from environment and stress. People with digestion problems and elimination problems have seen its benefits. Autistic people who have a constant battle with their flora and yeast overgrowth. People with high stress occupations. I believe everyone can benefit from this powerhouse! So I have included here some great ways to incorporate yogurt into your everyday life in ways that most will not even mind if they don't care for it as a snack.

Every time you have a recipe calling for sour cream use yogurt instead. Here are some ideas:

* Sour cream - on potatoes and on burritos, this is one of the best ways to eat it because it doesn't get to hot and kill the good bacteria.


*Ranch dip or ranch dressing - this also eliminates the added sugar when buying them redi- made, just pick up a tub of plain yogurt and a package of dressing or dip and combine. Its super fast!

*Also there are your favorite casseroles such as stroganoff

*Last of all, there is the breads and desserts: cheese cake and Bananas and Cream in bread.

I've even used yogurt and honey to drizzle over cakes with a little food coloring.

I just found the 
Yoplait yogurt page and it is a great site to try some new recipes. Try it and see. Good plain yogurt has much to offer.

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