Friday, November 19, 2010

Pizza pockets!

We are going to have pizza pockets the fast way. Usually I would make my own crust but I am going to do it the, I have to do all the piled up laundry and clean the dirty floors way. But you can make your own homemade crust and do it this way too, its much healthier I'm sure.

Pie crust or pizza dough
tomato sauce, picante, pizza sauce, marinara, or diced tomato
shredded cheese of your choice
meat of your choice-or all veggies-we like turkey pepperoni (make sure to pre-cook any raw meat or dence veggies)
and a little yogurt of course for dipping
one egg beaten

Cut your dough into triangles. Place on a plate and put into the refrigerator until you need them. Mix all your ingredients together in a bowl not including the dough egg and the yogurt.Now you can ask your sweet son or daughter to bring you the plate of dough from the refrigerator.Then dip a couple of fingers in your egg and apply to the edges of the dough triangles to work like glue on your pockets. Add the ingredients in your mixing bowl and top with another triangle. Last bring up another trusty assistant to fetch a fork and teach them the art to lightly pressing the sides of the dough to seal it shut. Ask you sweety to bring you a cookie sheet and place your triangles on the sprayed cookie sheet and cook until golden brown about 10 to 12 minutes. Be-careful its hot wait a little while before eating.

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