Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mexican Pizza

Hi, this is my first blog about feeding a large family on a low budget. I will be adding recipes, suggestions and interesting ways to accomplish this task as well as encouragement for the large family. God Bless!

Mexican pizza:

Corn tortillas
beans baked, boiled or refried

Heat up a frying pan I use a large non-stick one or a griddle for this. Then place your corn tortillas in the pan or grill and set a pinch of shredded cheese or even sliced cheese on top then add the beans and another pinch or half slice of cheese on top and cook on medium hi for a minute or two until a bit brown on each side. Cut up into pizza bites with a knife or pizza cutter. Enjoy!

* Variations you may add other toppings like black olives or green and you can even add a second layer of all ground beef or turkey.

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