Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breakfast Cobbler

Do you have a plethora of peaches or plums or berries. Why not make an easy cobbler for breakfast its fast and easy and not out of a box, and when its not out of a box there are less additives and preservatives. This translates to less money and more nutrition!

What you will need!
Your favorite biscuit recipe or the one off the can of baking powder
Additions: favorites like vanilla (imitation or real) cinnamon, large dollop of honey maybe half a cup if you want. Some fruit are very sweet on their own. Cook for a little longer than biscuits by their self cool and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mexican Pizza

Hi, this is my first blog about feeding a large family on a low budget. I will be adding recipes, suggestions and interesting ways to accomplish this task as well as encouragement for the large family. God Bless!

Mexican pizza:

Corn tortillas
beans baked, boiled or refried

Heat up a frying pan I use a large non-stick one or a griddle for this. Then place your corn tortillas in the pan or grill and set a pinch of shredded cheese or even sliced cheese on top then add the beans and another pinch or half slice of cheese on top and cook on medium hi for a minute or two until a bit brown on each side. Cut up into pizza bites with a knife or pizza cutter. Enjoy!

* Variations you may add other toppings like black olives or green and you can even add a second layer of all ground beef or turkey.

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