Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Shield From the Swine

Hello Friends,

The Flew is circulating and everyone is concerned about their health. I am concerned also having 7 children. To combat the flew though I have a great helper. I won't let the flew get me down and out. Silver Shield is an all natural scientifically produced product that can help prevent the flew virus and can battle the virus if you do happen to contract it. It is patented product that is a weapon against viruses, bacteria and mold. There are many ways of using this product to keep you safe. It comes in liquid form which tastes not much different than water. It also comes in gel form which is even stronger.

Some easy ways to make use of this amazing product is to add about a teaspoon to your baby wipes or wet wipes and use them as germ killing wipes that will last for 4 to 6 hours of germ fighting. Another way to use the gel is to put ot on your face after you wash for killing the bacteria that causes acne. Also put a little in your nostrils to shield your face and your nose from the flew. You can spray your pillows and your mattresses for again hours of protection against bacteria, mold and viruses.

Spray the Silver Shield on your counter tops leave for about 6 to 10 minutes and then wipe for germ killing power that will last 4 hours. I spray it on the kids hands to help keep the sickness from spreading so quickly. You can get a oil vaporizer from Natures Sunshine and add an ounce of Silver Shield liquid and breath it in every day for 30 minutes to prevent sickness and to help with breathing problems. These are just a few of its uses.

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