Friday, May 1, 2009

Stomach Ulcers

Do you get that awful burning sensation after you eat and especially when you have eaten something spicy or over indulged? Stomach ulcers are prevalent in our society. Many people are suffering from them and are trying to cover up the symptoms by continually taking anti acids to releave the burning pain. In essence a ulcer is a sore like the ones that are found in the mouth. One type of ulcer is said to be caused by the H. pylori bacteria that burrow into the stomach's lining and form ulcers.

Aloe Vera is a wonderful natural product that God gave us to sooth and heal the stomach. There are many forms available. You can even get it freeze dried in a capsule if you can't tolerate the taste. By the way if the taste has been taken out of the product most of the good has been too! Another companion combination for soothing the stomach is called Intestinal Sooth and Build.

Here is the suggested program to rid of h. pylori bacteria:
Gastro Health-3 bottles the first month; 2 bottles each month thereafter up to 6 months.
Intestinal Sooth and Build- 2 bottles
Aloe Vera Juice- 1 ounce 2xs daily or freeze dried capsules 1 capsule twice daily (1 bottle total)
Stomach-Comfort- One bottle for pain if needed
Food enzymes- 1 bottle take with each meal after 2 weeks.
Silver Shield or Xylibright tooth paste- on the tooth brush.

The bacteria can be spread to others through drinking after someone with it!
These products can be found at but there are others like them if you search them out. Some of them can also be found at: and

Drop me a note if you would like me to pray for your ulcer condition.

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

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