Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Under the Eyes!

Have you ever wondered what to do about your eyes? Zeke asked me today what can I use besides cucumbers.(we didn't have any cucumbers) I told him that you can use chamomile tea bags from your tea. They need to be a little warm. They will calm your eyes just like they calm the inside of your body. Another good practice to start for those bags under your eyes is-take your middle fingers and lightly apply pressure in a circular motion for about a minute or even 30 seconds. For eyes that have dark circles under them anemia may be the problem. Check up on that with the doctor and add some good iron to your diet in the form of spinach and other greens. We also have a great iron supplement from our website that combines iron and Vitamin C. You have to have Vitamin C to assimilate the iron. There is also the I-X supplement a really good iron and the Vitamin C Adsorbates. For the eye itself we have perfect eyes. Perfect eyes is great for eyes that have been injured and for relieving eye pressure in glaucoma.

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