Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Make Sourdough from Scratch and its Health Benefits!

Sourdough is one of my favorite health foods to make. I just love the health benefits that come from good sourdough. It is a living food just like yogurt it has lactobacillius. I hope I spelled that correct. To make your own sourdough you should follow this recipe!

1 cup of flour ( I prefer fresh ground whole wheat for its superior nutrition)
1 cup of purified water ( I use RO but just make sure there is no chlorine)
then add some unsweetened pineapple juice to prevent the bad bacteria ( I don't do this unless I just have it around)

Keep at a temperature of 80 degrees or lower, any higher will kill your sourdough starter.

Another great fact about sourdough is that it will make your wheat easier to digest for those with intestinal problems. Before the invention of store bought yeast there were not the problems we see today with Celiac Disease because the sourdough probiotics helped people to digest the gluten in the grains correctly,  Soon I hope to get back on here and share with you some great sourdough recipies that I have accumulated. Incorporating Sourdough into our diet is one of the ways I fight candida yeast overgrowth! Happy Baking!

micro sourdough is a site that has great information about the health benefits of sourdough! is a great sight for learning more about baking bread!
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Bev'sBooth said...

What a wonderful recipe to have. Can't wait for further how-tos.

Jody Blue said...

This was my goal for the summer. Never came about, maybe I should keep it on the list for this winter. I really just need to purchase a wheat grinder and dive in whole heartily!

Mutuelle sante said...

Many thanks for the guide, this guide was especially important for me to understand how to make sourdough from scratch!. Regards

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