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Expectant Mothers!

It is so wonderful when God sees fit to cause a little baby to grow in a woman's womb. The gift of life is always a blessing! Whether planned or unplanned God gave you a gift to nurture and grow in His love! For some it is a welcomed friend for others it is a chance to get back to their creator a call to come to his healing side. Which ever the case may be for you. God loves both you and your little one and has his hands open to you for guidance. He will be faithful to lead you through this wonderful and sometimes frightening and sickening time of your life. Here are a list of herbs and supplements to comfort and help. Psalms 104:14


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Excercise Daily walking, stretching,.............
something. Exercise reduces fluid
accumulation, swelling. Notice
strengthened abdomen and heart.
False labor To relax the uterus drink Catnip
tea and rub Lobelia Essence
Extract on the abdomen.
Gas AG-X or Papaya Mint
General Nutrition All natural. Lots of fresh fruits and
vegetables have live enzymes which
help digestion and assimilation, so eat
as many raw as you can.) Nuts, grains,
64 ounces purified water daily.
Liquid Chlorophyll or green drinks.
Heartburn Papaya Mint Chewable Tablets, Ginger
Peppermint Oil, Food Enzyme
Hemorrhoids White Oak Bark internally and externally
(sitz bath). UC3-J,(internally) Psyllium
Hulls and Golden salve (for soothing topical)
High Blood Pressure Capsicum/Garlic/Parsley, HS II, K,
Liquid Chlorophyll - when abnormally high.
Insomnia Herbal CA, Chamomile, Passion Flower, HVS
ATC, Stress-J, Catnip. Warm herbal baths. You
can throw an herb like chamomile directly
into the bath the capsule dissolves.
Mask of pregnancy Add Nutri-Calm for the B vitamin
Miscarriage If it is preventable, these will help: Lobelia
Cayanne, False Unicorn, Catnip, Vitamins C &E. If the
miscarriage is threatening because of a hormonal imbalance, use
Siberian Ginsing/Sarsparilla for a period of time.If you are prone to a
miscarriage, it is best to use a condom when you are pregnant because
semen contains a hormone which can induce labor in some women. If
miscarriage occurs, rebalance with FCS II or FC with Dong Quai
Morning Sickness Small frequent meals with a little protein.
Red Raspberry, Ginger,
Combination Three, Liquid Chlorophyll,
Tei-Fu Essential oils, Peppermint Oil.

Stretch Marks Increase intake of
Vitamins A and E From beginning of pregnancy,
apply Vitamin E oil topically along with
Herbal Trim Skin Treatment

Super- Supplemental Natures Pre-Natal
Vitamins & Minerals
Toxemia Liquid Chlorophyll to clean blood stream. Hot
Ginger baths. Also, Combination Three, I-X, and more A & C.
Trace Minerals Combination Three
Varicrose Veins HSII. If not having at least 2 bowel
movements daily, cleanse
the bowel with LBS II and Psyllium Hulls

Labor HS II, Red Raspberry and Vitamin E. Liquid
Chlorophyll to help build energy.
Lobelia Essence Extract enemas
help reduce the intensity and pain
of hard contractions. (especially helpful in long labors)

POST-NATAL After birth pains More 5-w and APS IITearing, episiodemy Faster healing with Comfrey Leaf and
HIGS II or IGS II. Hot sitz bath with White Oak Bark.
Baby's nose stopped up Put a little Tei-Fu on the breast so baby can inhale the fumes and breath easier.Caked breast and infections Compresses with Lobelia
Essence Extract, Vitamins A,
C, E, Garlic, Liquid Chlorophyll.
Infection fighting herbs: Echinacea,
HIGS II or IGS II. Also,

rub on Tei-Fu Oil or Lotion to help circulation.

Decreased milk Sage or Parsley
Increase milk Blessed Thistle to increase
quantity. Marshmallow to enrich milk.
Alfalfa and/or Barley Greens Powder
Concentrate to strengthen Mom.INFANTS & CHILDREN
Colic, restlessness Catnip and Fennel Liquid Extract,
Chamomile tea. Rub a few drops of
tei-fu Essential Oils on tummy.
One drop Peppermint Oil in bottle
of water. A couple of drops of
bottle of water, plus a little rubbed
on the spine. A couple of drops of
Combination VAL in a bottle of
water, plus a little rubbed on
he spine. Colic Homeopathic.
Calming Homeopathic.
Colds CBG Extract. Goldenseal/Echinacea Extract.
Lobelia Essence Extract rubbed on the
hest and back if there is congestion.

Tei-fu Essentioal Oils rubbed on chest
and back; also on your breast if you are
nursing. Cold Homeopathic. Cough
Syrup Homeopathis. ALJ Extract.
HRP-C Extract. CC-A Yerba Santa.

Constipation LB Extract
Cradle Cap Vitamin E rubbed into the scalpDiaper Rash Pau D' Arco Lotion. Golden Salve.
Slippery Elm with Aloe Vera Gel applied
as a paste. or Tea Tree mixed with a lotion.
Or fill the bathroom sink with water;
add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil;
hold baby bottom in water to soothe bottom.
Diarrhea Red Raspberry, Slippery Elm.Earache Garlic Oil, Lobelia Essence Extract,
and Golden Seal/Echinacea Extract.
Or CBG Extract externally
and internally. Earache Homeopathic.
Fever Catnip enemas. Tepid Ginger baths.
Catnip or Red Raspberry tea.
For infection, use CBG Extract. Fever Homeopathic.
Gas Catnip & Fennel Liquid Extract.Teething Lobelia Essence Extract rubbed on the gums. Chamomile or Catnip. Teething Homeopathic.Ways to give herbs to little ones By dropper. (If the herb is a powder rather than a liquid extract, mix it with milk, juice and then dispense with dropper.) Mix with apple sauce, syrup, rice bran syrup,mashed banana, fruit juice, etc.
Capsules can be made into a tea to be drunk or given in an enema.


This information provided here is for educational purposes only
and should not be uses to diagnose and treat diseases. If you have
a serious health problem, we recommend you consult a competent
health practitioner.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The gallbladder is a small non-vital organ which aids in the digestive process and stores bile produced in the liver. The gallbladder's main function is to break down fats in the body. Complications associated with the gallbladder include gallstones, nausea, and pain.
To avoid symptoms of gallbladder dysfunction there are certain ways you should combine your foods.
Meat and veggies should be eaten together, starches and veggies should also be eaten together, and fruit should be eaten by itself at least two hours before any of the other meals. Gas can occur when foods are not combined properly, especially when combining fruit and meat together. Of course you will want to avoid fried/greasy/fatty foods/too much meats (eat lean meats). Try cutting down on milk products, too many eggs, moderation in coffee/alcohol, corn and peanut butter.

There are supplements designed to devolve the gallstones and help them to pass. It is important to take Hydrangea to soften gallstones so that they can move freely without pain. The hydrangea will help to break down the stones, so is important for getting rid of them. Gallbladder Formula was formulated to help with the pain that accompanies these episodes. then to cleanse your gallbladder you can use the Liver Cleanse Formula. If you know that you are going to be occasionally indulging in some fried or fatty foods then it would be wise to take a supplement called Fat Grabbers to help your body more efficiently break down fats. Garlicmom's Herbs wishes you the best of health and hopes you will call or visit our online store.

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