Monday, June 15, 2009

Raynauds, Scleroderma, and Lupus!

Raynauds is a condition where hands and feet loose their circulation and fluctuate from feelings of tingling to severe pain. Scleroderma is sometimes related to Raynauds and is a condition where hands and face (if non-severe) develop hardening. The severe cases involve hardening all over the body including the heart and can result in death. These can also be had in conjunction to Lupus an autoimmune disease also resulting in severe pain. Auto immune diseases are diseases where the immune system attacks itself.
I was very curious as to what Natures Sunshine had to offer people with these kinds of conditions and what kind of activities could aggravate these. So I sat down and did some heavy reading and found some supplements that gave great testimonies. I also discovered that smoking constricts the blood vessels, drinking causes the extremities to get cold, and caffeine causes the blood vessels to constrict.

Here are the top supplements that I have found for there cases.

Ginko/Hawthorn (heart and circulation)
Vari gone (vein health)
Mega Chel (circulatory and glandular)
Flax seed oil (essential fatty acids)
Vitamin E (moisture)
Liver Cleanse (for better circulation)
Ginko Biloba (increases circulation)
Capsicum (for circulation)
Yucca (moisture)
Collodial Minerals
Magnesium (muscle spasms)
Butchers Broom (circulation)
Olive Leaf (great for pain associated with Lupus)
Gotu kola (circulation)
Irish Moss Lotion (moisture loss)

These are some of the helpful herbs and supplements to build up your circulatory system and renew the moisture loss. Coordinate these supplements with emotional stress relievers. Don't forget to include Christ in everything you do. Get your advise from the Bible and trusted Christian friends. Build your faith daily with prayer and meditation on God's Holy Word!

"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who walked not after the flesh but after the spirit." If you are having problems sticking to a healthy life style remember its what God would have you to do! Do it for Him first and then for you. He wants the very best for you. Mind, Body and Soul!

I sell these products from Natures Sunshine when you click on this link a small portion of the sell goes to this large family. Thanks.

Your Certified Herbalist
Jenifer Harrod

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