Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Liver and Female Hormones!

Have you been feeling agitated and annoyed more than normal? Have you been feeling out of control at times and just not yourself? Do small things seem to get on your last nerve? There is a connection between proper liver function and hormonal balance.
The Liver itself does not make hormones but what it does is break down the hormones once they have done their work in the body.According to Dr. Sandra Cobot M.D. the liver breaks down or metabolizes three hormones known as the steroid hormones. Those hormones regulate the balance of sodium and potassium and water in the body, the sex hormones which control sex and body shape, and cortisone which controls the immune function. With the first set of hormones being unbalanced then you get water retention etc. The second gives you a whole relm of problems such as; over weight issues and cellulite, hair in places you shouldn't have it and an imbalance in insulin as a result of being overweight.
I said all this to say that your emotions are connected to your hormones being balanced therefore it makes sense to have a liver cleanse and try some Chinese Liver Balance as well to get things back into focus for those of us who are experiencing this malady. For emotional wellbeing the "Fantastic Four" can be taken in combination depending on your specific emotions and restore a sence on balance so that you can see more clearly how to balance your life.
Go to and look for Liver Balance TCM, Mood ElevatorTCM, Stress Relief TCM, and Nervous Fatigue Formula TCM. If you have any questions email me.
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