Friday, April 24, 2009

Recipes From Nature!

I love spring. Around my apartment there are many many roses. They are so beautiful I had to learn something to do with them for my health and enjoyment. I learned that you can make a refreshing drink with a cup of rose petals a quart jar and a little honey and lemon. Just gather some fresh rose petals add them to your quart jar and fill with good filtered water. Leave in the refrigerator for about an hour, strain the water into a piture and squeeze the flowers out too get the lovely petal juice. I've found my zildren

(Zach,Zeke,Zoi,Zeb,Zena,Zelotes and Zenora) really like this drink because they help gather the leaves.
If you have large bamboo growing in your yard you could gather bamboo shoots and have a great healthy dinner tonight. You just look for those new bamboo that have not poked up out of the ground yet and get you a claw to dig them out with. Boil them with some rice hull powder and leave over night to get the harsh taste out then peel back the rough pieces on the sides and chop off the ends.

Another fun project we have done with plants out of our front yard is Fried Dandelion Flowers. Gather at least a cup full of dandelion flowers and dip them into egg and milk wash then straight into flour (whole wheat) which you can favor with sea salt and any kind of seasoning you like. They are really fluffy and tasty and good for you. Yumm! The Zildren are always trying to get me to make more of these tasty creations but right now most of them got mowed down by the neighbors.

Right now is a great time to plant a great herb garden as well and have fresh herbs right from your pots or garden spot. Hope I inspired you to treat your body to a tasty treat!

Jenifer Harrod
Certified Herbalist

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Under the Eyes!

Have you ever wondered what to do about your eyes? Zeke asked me today what can I use besides cucumbers.(we didn't have any cucumbers) I told him that you can use chamomile tea bags from your tea. They need to be a little warm. They will calm your eyes just like they calm the inside of your body. Another good practice to start for those bags under your eyes is-take your middle fingers and lightly apply pressure in a circular motion for about a minute or even 30 seconds. For eyes that have dark circles under them anemia may be the problem. Check up on that with the doctor and add some good iron to your diet in the form of spinach and other greens. We also have a great iron supplement from our website that combines iron and Vitamin C. You have to have Vitamin C to assimilate the iron. There is also the I-X supplement a really good iron and the Vitamin C Adsorbates. For the eye itself we have perfect eyes. Perfect eyes is great for eyes that have been injured and for relieving eye pressure in glaucoma.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Living bread!

Making bread has been a health issue with me for a long time. At first I learned about making bread from freshly ground whole wheat. The difference is in the nutrition. Just about all of your nutrition from the whole wheat is lost in the flour's shelf life through oxidation. Therefore whenever you buy whole wheat at the store to bake with; you may be getting a little better nutrition and every little bit counts, but you could be doing your body a big huge favor if you bought an electric grinder and ordered your wheat berries in bulk. For more free information on the nutrition of fresh ground wheat go to and sign up to receive their free c.d. it will tell you all about what I have touched on. You can also order your bucket of wheat there as well as many other grain products. I have also started ordering their oatmeal as well.
Now for the good part. This morning I am making Kefir(buttermilk) No Yeast Quick Bread, a recipe I received from in their annual calender they send with their magazine. You can view their magazine online at their web address. I love to sup rise the children when they wake up with a new recipe every now and then. This recipe called for letting the dough set over night to ferment and I would have done that but I didn't read that right away so I substituted 1/2 cup of the flour with 1/2 cup of my sourdough starter. That's easy to make as well. just add 1 or 2 cups or flour to the same of water and whisk through out the day for a few days until it begins to bubble and rise. Do not allow it to get above 80 degrees because this will cause it to go bad. For other methods go to If nothing else it is really fun to watch the guy on there bake bread on his videos. Today is a good day to make some healthy changes in your life. If God is using your body as his temple then we should give him our best to work with!
For another of my blogs on healthy products go to Have a Blessed Day in the Lord Jesus!

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