Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Where Have We Been?

I wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone about what has been going on our lives. Last week we were back at our home church again and it was really nice to be there. Our voices are slowly getting back to where they should be again and we were able to go by and visit a dear lady that goes to our church while she was recovering from an injury. We sang for her and also for the lady who was in the bed next to her and both enjoyed it!

Next week we are supposed to be in San Saba, Texas actually we are going over there on Saturday and will be there until Wednesday. They are having a revival at Bro. Watson's church and we will be singing there for the services. Pray that God will work in a mighty way and people will turn their hearts to Him.

The Summer has been slower for us because of sickness and we are praying about a few things as well. The zildren are looking forward to youth camp and have been doing odd jobs to earn money. They are going to B.A.N.G. youth camp in Star, Texas. Keep praying with us about what God would have our ministry to do in the next few months.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

64 Years

Last Sunday we were at our home church in Temple, Calvary Baptist Church. There was singing and preaching and eating in the morning and then there was Singing and preaching and Testimonies of what the church has meant to the people over the years in the afternoon. What a wonderful time. I am thankful that we were able to go and that our church has been such a blessing over the years with only 3 preachers in all of that time.

Bro. Travino sang a great song!

Zoi made a cake and the fondant icing was homemade also. Wish I could have eaten it but I am off sugar. :(

Our Pastor Bro. Rick Reed.

He's gettin a little excited in Sunday School. He can't help it, he's got a great big God!

New twins!

setting up!

Preacher's wife from a sister church. Mrs. Michelle.

Bro. McCoy gave a short sermon! Still doing his best for the Lord! Amen!

My good friend Michelle giving testimony of what the church has meant to her and her family. Praise The Lord!

Bro. Harrod giving testimony of how God brought us to the church.

God is Good!

Mrs. Willy has been a true friend to this singinary!

These two ladies have been with the church I think the whole 64 years. Amazing!!!

 The kids have been doing odd jobs to earn money for church camp over in Star, Texas. We are still battling allergies which is not good on the voices. Lately Bro. Harrod has been adding insulation to our van to get it cooler. We are praying that it really helps because our a.c. just can't keep up with this hot weather and its only going to get worse. We are so happy with our sound systems quality and are working on putting together an album. Pray we can get the time to work more on that.

Pray for us we need your prayers. The Devil works on us full time and we need God's protection and his power to fight off the Devil. Pray for direction as Bro. Harrod endeavors to do as the Lord wants him with our family. Thank you and God Bless!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bertram Texas

This past Sunday we were invited to go sing at Iglesia Bautista Emanuel or Emanuel Baptist Church a bilingual church in our area. We drove over early to set up and soon after a pouring rain followed us. The service went great and we met some new friends as well as met up with some old friends.

After service we enjoyed some wonderful Mexican food made by the sweet ladies there. One of the ladies had to leave because she was very ill. Please pray for Sister Sonia who has been having dialysis and complications with that. She makes the best charro beans that I have tasted in a long time.

During the storm the church had a lot of leaks and their steeple blew off during a storm as well. So pray for the Pastor Bro. Jeffery Garner and the church family there as they make repairs and the cost that is involved in all of that. May God's work go on and the church prosper in the Lord!

This lady told me that her family also sang together. 

After we sang at the church in Bertram we were scheduled to go and sing at the Bertram Nursing Home. This was our first time getting to sing there and we had a great time singing and getting to know some of the residents there.

Thank you for reading our blog and caring enough to pray for us during your day! Please continue to lift up Zena who is having a rough time with a cough she needs to get over this. Allergies in our family are just a pain for sure when we are trying to sing. God knew they would come and he knows how to heal them up. I'm personally praying for the season's to change that always helps with he allergies. Thank you for the prayers!

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