Thursday, April 12, 2018

Crowley, Texas

Saturday morning we traveled up to Crowley Texas to be in Two special meetings at Fort Victory Baptist Church with Bro. Keisling and his church family.

The first meeting was a Building dedication and Hebrew scroll viewing. They have a recently finished beautiful building which we enjoyed singing several songs in and listening to testimonies as well as preaching.  We heard first from Bro. Payne then from the president of the Norris Bible Baptist Institute on the second day of the Bible conference. The scrolls were really interesting we got to see a whole old testament collection.

It was great to hear about the Pastor and work that was going on there and getting to meet some of the kind people and also meeting the associate Pastor, Bro. James who took the time to talk with us and teach us some great ways to minister effectively. His wife was also a special blessing to my husband and I by preparing special food for us that was sugar free. It was a real pleasure fellow-shipping with them and feeling God's presence in this place.

alter call

several area preachers attended

the Pastor

a half shekel 

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Whitley Texas

Beautiful Easter Morning!

It was another early morning for the Harrods as we set out for Whitley, Texas and Missionary Baptist Church. It was Easter so Bro. Harrod's Dad decided to follow us over to the meeting. He was ready before us and waiting. It was a blessing to spend Easter with one of our relatives especially since this was my first Easter without my Mother.

The drive over was smooth and the scenery was beautiful. I finally got to see the lake Whitney I had heard about so many years. Maybe one day we can return and check out the water more. We did get to take the kids to a beautiful park for the afternoon while some of us rested in the van for a while.

We found that our friend Pastor Allen Barrio was not feeling very well and immediately I began to pray for him and his family. They too travel a long way just to pastor this church. Its a sacrifice and was an honor for us to be with a man who deems the ministry worthy of his best!

We sang several songs and then heard an Easter message from Bro. Berrio. That Sunday there was dinner on the grounds and I could smell the wonderful cooking all service long. I knew something had to be delicious the way it smelled. My favorite dish of all was the cheesy potato casserole.

Bro. Weldon

We sat around after service and visited with Bro. Berrio and his children and sweet wife. Also a dear Bro. Weldon. We met several sweet folks and enjoyed our trip. We weren't sure where to go next so we bowed together in prayer and prayed about where to go next for our night service and wound up in Alvarado Texas with Bro. Tom Davis there. We had seen him earlier at the Fellowship and the Men of the Word Conference and I really enjoyed his preaching at the Fellowship we went to on our vacation.

Half of our kids were having really bad allergies and having problems with their voices but we made it in to the church there and found our places before the service started. I noticed that they had great music there with the pianist playing beautifully and wondered what kind of special music we were going to be in for. Just then the pastor saw us and spoke to my husband. Then I found out what kind of special music I would hear.

Talking to Bro. Tom Davis when he was filling up our van.

Zena had to stay back in the seat because her voice was not working at all for singing. The spirit was in it and we were able to do about three songs. God is good and holds us up when we are weak on our own. The preaching was great and we enjoyed learning that The pastor's wife was related to some friends of ours from church camp that we used to know. They even knew people from our home town. So maybe we will get back to visit and sing for them again sometime.

Singing to the folks at Burger King.

Please continue to pray for the ministry as we have many needs; our God is able and will supply!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Marion Texas

This Sunday we were scheduled at Marion Baptist Church with Bro. Rudy Elizando.

We went up a little early that morning and dropped in at Harvest Hill Baptist and visited with some friends that we met there at a fellowship for a little bit. There was a great Sunday School lesson on Godly Chirstian Music and a sermon about staying true to the word and your Christian beliefs.

After we ate we had to get some more prayer cards made so Lonnie worked on the prayer cards on his phone in the van and we took bathroom breaks and did a little resting in our van seats while he was working on them and printing them out at Walgreens.

Then we set the GPS and pointed the van toward Marion, Texas. We arrived early and I was feeling bad with a sinus infection and back ache so I took a nap in the van until it was time for us to do some set up and practice before the service. Before I got up the kids came out and showed me our newest instrument that God gave us or rather Nora to play for the Lord. She received a Mountain Dulcimer from a church member who didn't need it anymore and wanted to offer it to us. That was so neat because she was thinking about the dulcimer. She really loved the little hearts that are on the sides and we already have some new strings ordered. That was so exciting. We both met the Pastor and his wide Melissa and heard a little about the founding of the church and the background that they came from.

There was a great prayer time and the service got started with some sweet hymns. After the announcements and song service we got to sing several songs and start incorporated Zoi's mandolin into the group. She has already learned a few songs and it is sounding really neat with he group. Sometimes before a service Zeke and Zoi will play a few songs together and that is nice also.

We are very happy that we have a lot going on this month as far as meetings and places to go. Please pray for us as we go. Our van has some issues we are dealing with and we need it to travel.

Please keep up the prayers for the ministry of The Harrod Family:

  • pray for more supporting churches
  • pray for c.d. recording equipment 
  • pray for c.d.'s to be made
  • pray for wireless mikes and smaller better speakers
  • pray for our electric piano to be repaired
  • pray for our bus to get remodeled
  • pray for our van to continue to work correctly or get a new one (God's will be done)]
  • pray for a open flat trailer to hall the the van behind the bus
  • pray for a closed in trailer to hall our instruments and sound equipment
  • pray for health and strength for the journey 
    Thank you for praying and giving we appreciate every prayer and need each one.

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